Master Planning

Whether your project is a signature design, remodel, or restoration the Master Plan is an essential media to show the goals and objectives of the project.  


Conceptual Plans

Conceptual diagrams are another avenue of communication between designer, contractor, and owner.  These diagrams display the design intent and identify the problems that need to be addressed. Seen on this page are design changes which include reshaping of bunker edges with the addition of topography for style as well as to divert water away from bunkers.  This is a good way to show design intent when topographic maps are not available. 

Computer Renderings

   Lee Trevino Golf is able to provide a number of detailed plans and specifications for our clients including three-dimensional renderings and “Fly Through” animation videos. This allows the owner, contractor and shaping specialist to see each hole prior to construction. This also assists the shaping specialist in seeing before building each hole and each bunker. This eliminates most questions and confusion as to the intent of the design.

Constuction Documents

    Construction documents are the main necessity of any golf course construction project. At Lee Trevino Golf Design, we are able to provide detailed plans ranging from staking, clearing, fine-tuned grading, turf grass, subsurface drainage, irrigation, and landscape plans. 

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